Three Simple Steps to Growing Your Photography Business

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Whether you’re just getting started selling your photography services or you’re already making money selling photographs locally, this simple guide will help you step up your game and take your photography business to the next level.

1. Develop a strong web presence.

This is maybe the single most important thing for any business that wants to grow in 2016 and 2017 to do. Even if you want to stay completely local for now, a web presence is a low-risk, high-reward way to bring clients to your business.

You’ll need an official website, which you can design yourself if you have the necessary skills or can hire someone else to do for you (we’ll get to this in step 2). You’ll also need to create social media presences for your business on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Most of these are easier to set up and maintain than your official website, though depending on your skill level and time commitment, you may need outside help on these too.

Instagram especially is a great marketing tool for photographers, because of its visual focus and huge number of users.

2. Get some outside help.

Even if you can build your website and social media presence completely on your own, you’re going to need to hire or consult some experts at this point. There are tons of resources out there on the web that can teach you about marketing for photographers—whether that’s finding out how to make your web pages rank higher on Google, finding markets to sell your finished photographs, or optimizing contact with clients.

There are also companies that can help you market yourself and bring in many more customers at a relatively low cost to you. Be sure to do research and read testimonials so that you can find the best company for your needs, market, and resources.

3. Continually expand and maintain your network.

This step also involves outside help in a way, but a different kind than that which you’ll get from marketers. One of the best things you can do to help your business survive and thrive is building a network of clients, potential clients, contacts in the industry, and friends and family who can help spread the word about your service.

Always be ready to talk about your photography services to friends and acquaintances—you never know who could be your next client!

Also, be sure to keep in contact with former customers and make sure they feel well-served by your business. This can lead to good reviews, recommendations of your business to other customers, or customers repeatedly coming back to you for their photography needs.

With a strong network on the ground and a strong presence on the internet, there’s no way your business can fail, as long as you put your best work out there and continually maintain your presence as a photographer both online and in your own community.