Client Testimonials

Here's just a small list of what our clients say about our services:

Yasir! I just got done with all the videos in your free cheat sheet and I am stunned! I am a wedding photographer in GTA and I am currently trying to get by using word of mouth. The things you describe in your cheet sheet have given me a LOT of food for thought! I am going to get my husband to put it into action and we will contact you soon. We should meet when you are in Downtown sometime!!!!!!

Sophie D., Wedding Photographer

I landed my first client in 3 months using you tricks. Earned $300 for an hour of work. Now I am going to really ramp my marketing up with your course. Thank you for bringing things into perspective! You know your stuff.

Mike D., Freelance Photographer

I started using your techniques on my Facebook fan page and now I have 3000 fans after 2 months out of which 27 called me to book appointments! I have already sold to 4 of them. Plus my fan page keeps getting 800+ likes for many posts! As a 25 year old who is just starting out I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ross M., Photography Enthusiast

I booked my first client for June in the first month after learning your stuff!! You are a genius man! I can't believe it. Thank you for your hard work.

Debby , Wedding Photographer

Booked 5 clients for the next 2 months. We are talking about how much they are going to pay. I don't care about money since I am just starting off but I wanted to email and thank you.

Emma, Photoshoots

My fan page now has 1800 likes! I started it 2 months ago! I have booked 2 clients already using the 50% off trick you mentioned. When I have enough money, I will hire you full-time I promise.

Emily, Photography Lover

Hey man,

Just wanted to tell you that I got 2 clients by advertising like you mentioned in Fresno. Turns out NO ONE is doing this. I can't believe I never thought about it the way you do. I'll call you this week man.

Take care!

Brian, Photography Lover

People have been calling me the entire last week. OK sure I didn't get most of them to sign up but out of 14 people I have 2 clients! You are my go-to guy for marketing my business. I will email you next month to give you an update.


I am getting around 2-3 calls everyday using your techniques. My facebook page is going crazy with people messaging me in private. If this keeps on going I am hiring a new person in my company next month because I am web illiterate.

P.S. Your cheat sheet is a gem.

Melissa, Event Manager

I dont normally write testimonials but I am getting good results with what you taught me. So here goes: Thank you for making my life easy. In a city like New York there is too much competition everywhere. And they use the same tactics to get clients. You have taught me something different.

By the way it was just by coincidence that I landed on your site. I am grateful I did!


I do part time photography gigs for people but now I am going to do it full time. Why? Because it is my passion and I have already gotten 2 customers in the last month with your cheat sheet. I also let go of one of my staff members because I didn't need them anymore (Sad, I know) but this has helped me increase profits. Yasir - you know what you are doing.

Sammy, Photography Enthusiast

Yasir - here are the stats:

Last month alone: 22 calls, 4 new clients - $4500 generated. My profit will be around $2700!!!

Let's connect when you have time?

Molly D.

Last month I received 18 calls. 2 clients and they already have paid me $5500. My profit is $3000 (I think).

This is game-on! I am going to stick to what you say.

Thank you for teaching me this stuff man.

Mark W., Full-time photographer

I landed my first client - $2000 in the pocket. Thank you!!!!

Amal Yousuf, Engagement Photoshoot

I just got 3 calls last week!! No one said yes to me and that's ok but I am pumped up. This is working!!

Annie M.