A Surprising Secret that Will Help You Take Better Photographs

take amazing photos with this one simple trick

It’s easy to start taking pictures, but it takes a lot of skill to become a great photographer. However, there are some amazingly simple and quick steps that can speed up your journey to taking amazing pictures every time.

Though we’re mainly a marketing site, there’s nothing we appreciate like good photographs. Also, there’s a simple fact for you to keep in mind. If you want to make money at photography, it helps a ton if you’re a great photographer.

I recently published a post with some tips for you straight from the great George Lange, and there are a lot of other photography tips out there as well. Today I have a very specific tip, though, that I believe will help you get better at photography overnight.

George Lange can famously take excellent photographs with virtually any camera, including lower end models. Of course, having an amazing camera does make it a bit easier to take amazing photographs. The photographer determines the picture much more than the machine, though.

One of the reasons Lange can consistently take such great photographs is his understanding of the camera as machine and tool. It’s certainly not the only thing – his years of experience, understanding of photography basics, and artistic vision all also play huge roles. However, understanding the camera brings you one step to more closely understanding photography.

Get to Know Your Camera

That’s right, the tip’s that simple.

Before you take your next photograph, spend an hour or two really getting to know your camera. You may think you know your camera pretty well already, but you can always get to know it better. Here are a few ways to get better acquainted with your camera.

  1. Read your owner’s manual in its entirety. The information therein can be life changing to a true photographer.
  2. Know what every button on your camera does. Keep in mind that this also includes the advanced, specific settings options given to you by newer, higher end digital cameras. Explore all your options for best results.
  3. Understand how your camera works. Spend a little time reading about how cameras actually work. You’d be surprised how much mastery over the fundamentals of photography a bit of basic knowledge here will give you.

As a true photographer, you should think of your camera as a very dear friend or, better yet, an extension of yourself. In an analogy appropriate for the recent release of the latest Star Wars film, you should look at your camera like a Jedi looks at his lightsaber.

Once you truly get to know your camera, you’re virtually guaranteed to take better pictures. This is because you will truly understand every option at your fingertips, and the intricacies of how those options affect your pictures. While knowing your camera is no substitute for twenty years’ experience in the industry, it’s certainly a faster way to improve a bit and get your foot in the door.