How to Use Social Media to Get Photography Clients

social media marketing for photography

Let’s face it, guys. Social media is the “word of mouth” of the 21st century. It’s how customers get to know business owners and freely exchange information about a business, but is much faster and more effective than conventional “word of mouth.” It’s also quite a bit easier for businesses to control.

We’ve mentioned in many of our blog posts here at Photographer Marketing Academy how important professional social media profiles can be to helping you build your photography business, but this post is going to be devoted solely to exploring ways social media can be used to bring you clients on autopilot.

How does social media help with SEO?

Each social media account you create gives your photography business another chance to appear on the first results page for Google and/or other major search engines.

Each account also gives you a way to directly and personally market to individual potential clients while keeping in contact with all of your existing and former clients.

What social media platforms should I be using to market my photography business?

Any major social media platform can and should be used for marketing; these include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may also want to look at social media sites such as Google Plus and Pinterest.

This article will primarily focus on Facebook and Instagram because these are two of the best to get you photography clients.

What’s good about Facebook and how do I use it?

One of the first things you should do after getting a photography portfolio together is create a Facebook page for your business. Facebook has great instructions and tips for creating business pages, which are a little different from regular pages.

Upload some of the best shots from your portfolio to your business page, fill out the necessary information, make it public, and then invite your friends to join (and encourage them to invite their friends, and so on and so on).

Facebook helps by giving your business a personal, albeit professional, face to the world. It’s also a great way for potential clients to ask questions about your business, such as “What are your hours?” or “Do you shoot in a given location?”

Facebook has wonderful features like an instant messaging system and an opportunity for customers to review your business (which you should always encourage them to do). Because all of these are integrated into the same website, and the site is also so widely used, Facebook can be one of the best marketing tools at your disposal.

What about Instagram?

Instagram isn’t as great a direct marketing tool as Facebook, because it doesn’t provide the same expansive suite of customer attracting tools and ways of interacting with clients.

What it does provide, however, is the best possible place for you to show off your skills to the world.

Set up an account for your photography business, link it to your Facebook business page and your main website, and upload a great photo every few days. Always providing fresh, high quality content will keep customers interested and coming back for more.

You can also use Instagram’s hashtag system to attract thousands, if not more, of Instagram users to your account. Although some of these users may never need your photography services, if they like your photos and/or follow you it will increase your business’ visibility and respectability with clients.

We hope this is enough information to get you started – we will provide detailed explanations of ways you can use social media to get business in the coming weeks.