Keys to Local Photography SEO: How to Get Your Business on Google Maps & Yelp

how to succeed at local seo with google maps and yelp

Google Maps and Yelp may just be the biggest keys to success when it comes to local SEO.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog here at Photographer Marketing Academy, you’ll know we just did a post on how important local SEO is to your photography business. If you haven’t read that one yet, please give that a look before going ahead – it contains some necessary background information about what local SEO really means and how to do it.

Once you’ve read that article and possibly done some other research on why local SEO matters and how to do it, you’ll need a little more detail to help put all those tips into action. I’m here today to help you put some of the most important work in when it comes to local SEO – getting set up with Yelp and Google.


If you don’t know already, Yelp is a hugely popular review site that often appears very high on Google results pages and can strongly influence customer opinion one way or the other.

If anyone has written a review for your business already, then it’s on Yelp and all you have to do is claim the business as your own. If you’re just starting or your clients haven’t written any reviews yet, you can also start your own business page (and then start encouraging customers to give you reviews).

You can do either of these things by going to this page on Yelp’s official site and typing in your business name and location to get started. The process is easy and Yelp walks you through it step by step.

They will probably try to sell you some advertising during this process, but I wouldn’t take that option just yet. Try doing local SEO on your own or with an SEO professional before paying a big company that doesn’t know your business personally to advertise – you’ll likely get better results that way.

Google Maps

To get reliable information about your business on Google Maps (while also opening it up for Google Reviews and a few other business perks straight from the search engine giant), you also need to register your business with Google. Luckily, this is an even easier process than registering for Yelp.

Go to the Google Business page to get started, and the site will easily walk you through the process. Within a couple of hours at most, you should be entirely set up to get business on autopilot through Google.

What are the benefits of each of these sites?

Having your business on Google will help customers find you, especially local customers or potential clients traveling through your area (because Google has all the other search engines beat when it comes to local and mobile search).

Having your business on Yelp won’t necessarily steer customers to your site (although it certainly can’t hurt), but can show the level of respect and admiration the community has for your work. You can also use it as a platform for directly interacting with customers, which I’m sure we’ll have a post about in the near future.